Experience in Residential, Preschool, Retail, Restaurants, Cannabis and Commercial projects throughout the Bay Area. 

Architecture Services 


I can assist in developing the requirements of the project. Through client interviews and observing the existing space, I can establish square footage and adjacency needs.

Feasibility study

I can review what your expectations are with a site and determine if it is feasible. Typically anything can be accomplished with enough time and money. But sometimes the zoning will not allow your dreams to be completed. Ideally, you would know before you lease or buy. Also, it is good to get a clear picture of your options, so you can weigh your priorities of the project.  

Schematic Design

During schematic design, the client's requirements are developed alongside their wish list and what the site or building can accommodate. Typically 3D models are created to assist in understanding what the visual setback are required or what the massing should be to create a cohesive final design.

Space Planning

I can assist in laying out walls, equipment, and furniture to develop a competent understanding of what the space is capable of being.







I can layout schematically cabinetry for kitchens, bathrooms, conference rooms or mail rooms. The design can get more detailed if you want to ensure the cabinetry design fits your functional needs.


Assist in material, finish, and furnishing selections. This can be as little as much as needed. I am able to layout your original selections to see if they fit within the design. I can also give suggestions on other alternatives, which could fit your needs.


Complete permit drawings to gain building permit. Typically this requires coordination with other consultants, such as Title 24, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing engineers.

construction drawings

If the project needs more design direction for the contractor to execute the construction, then construction drawings can be completed. These typically include specialized detailing and clear direction on design.